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Together we will make your business ready for today’s ‘online’ world.
Because of our online expertise and strong focus on the online channel we develop meaningful, intelligent and user-friendly online solutions for mobile and web.

Solutions your customers and employees won’t forget!


We develop apps, websites and business applications

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Mobile Apps

Native, hybrid & web-apps that will run smoothly everywhere on every platform (iOS, Android & Windows).

Digital platforms

A combination of a mobile app, desktop application and a website that work together seamlessly, all ontrolled and managed by one single backend.

Instant apps

Instant Apps: everything you expect from an app, directly in the mobile browser. Like a website with an immersive app-experience, without the download.


Responsive websites that are optimized for SEO and look spectacular on desktop and mobile.

Vraag Eva

Vraag Eva is a mobile app for women who use the birth control pill. Eva is like a personal assistent that warns you when you have to take the pill, the gap week is over or when you have to order a new stack. In addition to these features, users can also order a new stack and get it delivered at home; only with the touch of a button.

Clementine platform

The Clementine platform consist of a mobile app, website and desktop application that are managed by one single backend. The app allows users to keep in touch with their audiologist, quickly do a hearing test and buy new products by just a few clicks. To manage their clients; audiologist have their own backend and are able to approach their clients directly and provide a better service; by communicating and share information in an accessible way.

Serviceburo Zuid

A combination of an unique design with own photography the website has its own identity that shows the expertise, quality and solidity where Serviceburo Zuid stands for. This combination plus a the latest trends in the field of webdevelopment resulted in a website that is optimized for mobile and SEO.

Instant Apps

With Milestre’s Instant Apps you give your users the app experience like they expect on a smartphone. It's like a website only with the speed, usability and app-experience of a native app; directly in the mobile browser, so without the download of an app in the app store.
Uplift your brand engagement and create a higher conversion by presenting your content in the best possible mobile way. With our instant apps you will supercharge your ad, social and email campaigns during (micro-)moments that matter.


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